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Allen & Heath MixWizard 16:2DX Mixer

Allen & Heath MixWizard 16:2DX
Allen & Heath MixWizard 16:2DX

With its simplicity, quality and plentiful inputs, this professional grade mixer is loved by seasoned engineers and techs. This is a true all-purpose mixer, providing a full 16 high specification mic/line inputs in a compact, straightforward format that has made it a consistent standard. The 16:2DX features an acclaimed 4 band EQ with 2 sweepable mids, high quality 100mm faders, 6 aux sends, and 12 segment bargraph metering.


Crown CE2000 Amplifier

Crown CE2000a

The CE Series of Crown® amplifiers are professional tools designed and built for professional use. The CE 2000 has the rugged heart and soul that have characterized Crown’s amplifiers for over 30 years. This amp features front-panel detented level controls, useful function indicators, proportional fan-assisted cooling, short-circuit protection and more. With a powerful, reliable performance, the CE2000 amp easily handles real 2 ohm loads and is capable of chest-thumping lows.


Mackie M-800 AmplifierMackieM800a MackieM800b

The Mackie M-800 power amplifier is designed to fulfill the amplification needs of almost any type of application. It boasts a wealth of features like low cut filtering, constant directivity equalization, speaker-protecting limiter, and ultra-clean power, to name a few. This amp is noted to be “Roadworthy,” which is important for any system that is “mobile.” Reliability is paramount to sound reinforcement.The Mackie M-800 has racked up a strong record of reliability in demanding sound reinforcement applications. It delivers enormous amounts of current into extremely low impedances – allowing it to have dynamic power reserves to spare.


JBL MPro M225 Speakers


The MPro MP225 is a portable, dual fifteen-inch, two-way speaker system designed for applications in live performance, music playback, and reinforcement of speech. The Laminar Flow Baffle reduces diffraction effects and distortion resulting from turbulence. The crossover network employs separate low-pass filters for each woofer. The lower woofer is rolled off at a lower frequency than is the upper woofer. This reduces mid-range phase anomalies while retaining the strong low frequency output that is the primary appeal of a dual woofer system. The horn design with its large mouth delivers smooth, natural reproduction – especially in the critical mid-range.


JBL MPro MP255S Subwoofer


2 – 15″ speakers and 2 tuned chambers produce focused bass with little midrange to interfere with the mains. Remaining midrange output is then eliminated by a low-pass filter. Band pass feature combined with LPF eliminates need for a second amp or crossover, and assures solid performance in both biamped or single amp applications. The MPro 200 Series MP255S Subwoofer is an innovative dual 15-inch subwoofer that is the ideal companion for other MPro speakers such as the MP215. The MP255S, which can be positioned vertically or horizontally, is a dual tuned band pass enclosure. The dual bandpass design allows for extremely high-level low frequency output from a box that is the most compact in its class, at 20.75-inchs wide.


Shure Wireless Microphone System


The SM58 Cardoiod Dynamic Microphone with the PGX2 transmitter gives you excellent sound quality and is tailored for lead and backing vocals. 2 AA batteries give you 8 hours of continuous use and it has an operating range of 300 feet.

The Shure PGX4 receiver has Automatic Frequency Selection offering the best in wireless to performers on the go. It also includes Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology.


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